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Course Description

180° Changing the Course of Adverse Behavior

All of us have been faced with individuals who demonstrate behaviors that frustrate, confuse, aggravate, frighten, and/or cause anxiety in the workplace, at home, in our offices or in our classrooms.

180° is an innovative educational program which details effective and practical methods to use in order to change the course of adverse behaviors encountered in virtually any setting.

180° explains:

  • What behavior is.
  • The sources of behavior.
  • The twelve factors that contribute to difficult behavior.
  • The ten primary rules of intervention.
  • The process of intervention.
  • Five tools for behavioral change.
  • Categories of challenging behavioral communication.
  • Direct confrontation of difficult behavior.
  • Coping skills and more.

Do you face behaviors that frustrate, confuse, anger or exhaust you? 
Do you deal with people who exhibit defiant, argumentative, abrasive or disruptive behaviors? 
Do you want to deal with these behaviors more effectively? 
Do you want to change these behaviors?

180° is much more than a presentation of theory. 180° is a practical guide to understanding, interpreting and responding to individuals with adverse behaviors. 180° will help you adjust these behaviors and adjust how they affect you. 180° will give you a solution-focused perspective and the tools you need to positively influence negative behaviors.

The 180° Program Package

The 180° Program Package includes the book, reference cards, and example cards for easy referral. 

180° Changing the Course of Adverse Behaviors

180° Conferences

The 180° Program can be presented to your group in a choice of half-day or whole day sessions. Both conferences include all the practical concepts involving changing adverse behaviors utilizing a variety of dialogues, case examples, and everyday events to clearly illustrate the processes of the program. 

In addition, whole-day conference attendees will participate in small group activities during the afternoon in which specific scenarios involving adverse behaviors will be analyzed, and 180° concepts will be considered and applied. This provides an opportunity to examine various options for response and considers how specific actions will work. 

180° Conferences can be presented to your organization at your location, at your convenience, plus each conference can be focused to meets your group's specific needs and concerns. 180° Conferences are affordable and effective. For more information on bringing 180° to you, please call Joan at 309.283.1211 or email to