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On-going Projects Funded by Donations

Over the years, Transitions has been very fortunate to have been supported through donations from members of our community. In our mission to provide innovative, effective, and compassionate care we are grateful for the gifts we receive from our community members as they further our efforts substantially. Please take a few moments to watch the video below to learn how donations are used to support our services.


Read below to learn more about the areas of service that will benefit from individual and group donations. If you would like to contribute to our mission to provide the best mental health care available, please use the "donate button" below. Looking to donate funds for a specific item? Leave a note in the Paypal comment section when making your contribution.

Items Clients Need the Most
Mattress Covers that protect from Bed Bugs
Toilet paper
Feminine Hygiene Products
Household Cleaning Supplies
Warm Winter Clothes (we are currently in search of two size 4XL coats)

New facade on TROC
The building we occupy for our therapy, psychiatric, counseling, employment and youth services was built in the 1947.  It's exterior is in great need of renovation.  This past year we were able to garner funds through a grant from the Moline Foundation for a new roof.  Our next goal is to put on a new façade on the exterior of our building.  When people who come to see us, it typically is when they are experiencing a great deal of distress.  This is why we want our exterior to be as welcoming as possible.

Printer's Mark Roof
Our Printer's Mark is one of our three agency-owned and operated businesses that provide training and employment to those we serve and to individuals from the general community.  The roof on this business is in need of repair and we are dealing with continual leaks that impact our work areas and have already damaged equipment.  Putting a new roof on will help us to continue to provide excellent training and employment and also provide our community with quality printed products.

Tablets for Our Waiting Room
Like any other healthcare profession, mental health services require a lot of paperwork. In an effort to make our record keeping 100% electronic we are in search of funds to purchase five computer tablets so that our clientele may file their information electronically.  Doing so makes us much faster and efficient in providing effective mental health services.

Expanded Youth Services
It is so important that children who are struggling at school or at home are provided services as soon as possible.  The younger these children receive services, the better their chances for recovery. These services provide the counseling, therapy, guidance and support needed to help them live healthy, productive and safe lives now and into the future.

Support for our community's Mental Health Court services
The Mental Health Courts (MHC) in Rock Island and Davenport are amazing programs.  They provide persons with mental illnesses who have had encounters with law enforcement the ability to receive treatment and support, follow the instructions from the judge, and ultimately avoid jail time and instead work on getting healthy, finding a job, supporting themselves and living safe and productive lives.  We provide case management, therapy, counseling and residential services.  A donation to the MHC projects will help us to continue to provide these services.

Projector and Laptop for community education and consultation services
One of our primary functions is to providing training and consultation to those in our community.  Our current presentation equipment is over ten years old and in desperate need of replacement. 

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