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Agency History

Transitions Mental Health Services believes that change is necessary and in fact is a good thing in order to continue to meet the changing needs of those we serve.  To that end, we have a long and proud tradition of making positive, and often times untraditional changes.  This has resulted in new services, programs and approaches that has continued to benefit those who come to us for help.  Starting in 1979 when a small group of families of adult children with mental illnesses came together to discuss meeting the needs of their loved one.

Photo of the outside of the Transitions Mental Health Services building1980: Transitions began operating as a local Alliance for the Mentally Ill as a private not-for-profit organization, consisting of a six-bed residential facility in Rock Island. Later that year, Transitions moved to its present Rock Island location, 805 19th Street, and expanded to a 24-bed residential facility. The building next door (the annex) was also purchased that year. It was used for administrative offices before redesigned as an additional living environment for those we served.

In 1983: Transitions began offering vocational training services through Home Helpers, an agency designed, created, and owned lawn mowing/lawn care service.

In 1984: vocational training opportunities for clients were expanded by opening the Mes Amis Café in downtown Rock Island.

In 1988: Transitions began its Supported Employment Program, working closely with the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation and area employers to train and employee those we serve.

In 1989: Transitions acquired its first National Industries for the Severely Handicapped (NISH) contracts providing employment and training to its clientele.

In 1990: Transitions again increased clients’ vocational training opportunities when it added building repair and renovation activities to Home Helpers’ list of available services.

In 1995: Transitions expanded the offerings at Mes Amis Café to include a full menu of sandwiches, salads, Mexican and pizza, and changed its name to VIP’s Restaurant.

In 1996: our vocational training was expanded once again as Transitions opened a printing business.

In 1998: The Youth Services Program became a reality, providing services to those as young as 14 years of age who were identified as having a mental disorder.

In 1999: Transitions purchased the T-West property near downtown Rock Island. Supported Employment staff offices were located there as well as the printing company.

In 2001: The agency expanded and renamed the printing company to its present name, The Printer’s Mark. With the purchase of a the old Hasty Tasty restaurant in Moline, and after major renovation to that building, Transitions closed the VIP restaurant in downtown Rock Island and opened Crooners Restaurant and Catering; Home Helpers’ name was changed to Property Professionals and therapy services were added to Transitions’ list of offerings.

In 2005: Transitions began SLC Services, a fee-for-service consultation and therapy service for individuals, families, and businesses who are dealing with mental health issues within their homes and/or workplaces. 

In 2006: Transitions participated in a three-year pilot program for Individual Placement Services (IPS). This program is aimed at assisting as many people with mental illnesses as possible to attain and maintain competitive community jobs. Ultimately winning the Johnson and Johnson award.

In 2007: Transitions began offering psychiatric services with the addition of a psychiatrist in private practice who contracted to work with us.

In 2008: Property Professionals began renovations to the Crooners building to change it into office space to accommodate our expanded rehab program.

In 2011: Transitions collaborated with School Health LINK to provide services to youths in the LINK clinics and in Illinois Quad Cities schools.  We started providing services to children as young as five years of age.  This year we also held our first annual golf outing.

In 2012: we entered into a major printing contract with the Illinois Tollway system providing printing services.

In 2014: we were instrumental in the creation of THE Open Networkqc, which is a community-wide consortium of providers intended to ensure, as the health and human services fields continue to evolve, that client choice of providers, programs and practitioners continues to be offered and that true collaboration, inclusion and dignity of those we all serve is required to be the hallmark of every provider.

In 2015: we expanded our services into Henry County.  We entered into several new contracts with area providers to enhance our services to older citizens, and to those who are also needing medical treatment.  We also expanded our in-person psychiatric services and began provision of tele-psych services. 

We look forward to the next years of our services and we continue to do everything we can in order to provide you the best possible services.

Thanks to our affiliates and partners:

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